Follow the instructions below on how to get Carbonite Core Installed on your Windows computer.

1. You will receive an email that looks like this from your employer/partner with the subject [Blank] has invited you to use Carbonite, click Register & Install:

2. You will then be brought to a page that looks like this, the information for your First Name, Last Name, and Email should already be filled out (email is blocked out in this example). You will fill out a Password that meets the requirements and then answer 3 Security Questions that will be used for extra security on your Carbonite account:

3. Once you have finished filling out your Password and Security Questions click Submit (boxed in red):

4. You will then be taken to your Carbonite Account:

5. This will then come up on your screen:

6. To download Carbonite onto your computer, click Download now (boxed in red):

7. The Carbonite download will then go to the bottom left hand corner of your screen, or can be found in your downloads folder:

8. Once the Carbonite download looks like this (picture below) click on it:

9. Your screen will then show a pop up that asks if you would allow the program to make changes to your computer, click Yes.

10. The Carbonite Terms of Service will then come up on your screen, read through the Terms of Service and click I agree:

11. This will then come up on your screen:

12. This will then come up on your screen, just keep your Computer nickname as is and click Next:

13. This will then come up on your screen, click Start backing up (boxed in red):

14. This will then come up on your screen in the bottom right of your computer screen:

15. Carbonite has successfully been installed onto your computer. The backup will take a while, but will finish fastest when the computer is left on and not in use.

16. To login to your Carbonite account online, follow this link:

17. This is the page you will be taken to. Enter in your Email and Password that you filled out when downloading Carbonite onto your device and then click the box next to I’m not a robot then click Carbonite Login to log in to your account:

18. You will then be taken to this page where you can see your account information:

19.You are now finished with Carbonite setup.