You should have received an email from Constant Contact with the subject title Verify your email address. Click on the Verify this email button:

2. You will then be taken to this page, click on the yellow button that says Take me to Constant Contact:

3. You will then be brought to the Constant Contact login page. Enter in the username and password that you received from the Customer Product Setup Email.

4. You will then have to agree to the Site Owner License Agreement and Software License Terms. Check the box next to the I agree to the terms of the license… and click on the blue I Agree button:

5. You will then be brought to this page:

6. Click on the human looking icon in the top corner of the page and select My Account from the drop down:

7. Under the My Profile section click on Security Question (boxed in red below):

8. Select another security question from the drop down and type in your answer and click Submit. By doing this it will allow you to log in to your account if you've forgotten your username and password:

6. Click on the human looking icon in the top corner of the page and select My Settings from the drop down:

7. This page will come up on your screen:

8. Click on Edit Organization Info below the Organization Information section:

9. If any of the information in this section looks incorrect please edit it. Remember to enter in your Organization’s Phone Number. After you have made your changes click Save:

10. Now go and click on Edit Signature Info underneath the section titled Signature information:

11. Edit any of the information that you need to in this section. You are also able to verify a new email in this section by clicking on Verify more email addresses next to Signature Email Address:

12. Click Save after you have finished editing.

13. Now go an click on Edit under the Email Message Settings section:

14. After you’re finished with editing the From Name click Save:

15. Now click on Edit Address under the Organization Address section:

16. Enter in your organization/companies address and click Save when complete:

17. You are now ready to use your Constant Contact Account.